Manager of Ambassador Services

Tony Maiorana | Director of Marketing & Publicity

Burt Martinez | Vice President

Rich Pena |  Manager of Ambassador Services

Jim Treanor | Diocese of Fresno | Regional Area Coordinator Central California

Ben Hernandez | San Bernardino Diocese | Regional Coordinator Inland Empire

Mike Pritchard | Diocese of San Diego| Regional Coordinator Diocese of San Diego

Fred Khachi | Diocese of Stockton | Regional Coordinator Diocese of Stockton

Richard Barrientos | Archdiocese of Los Angeles

Alfredo Flores | Archdiocese of Los Angeles

Jim Torti | Diocese of San Diego

Armando Valenzuela

Armando Venezuela | Archdiocese of Los Angeles


What is a CMF Ambassador?

An Ambassador is a volunteer representative that communicates the mission, purpose and seven principles of Catholic Men's Fellowship of California to other men in his community. His primary role is to serve as a resource and as a source of encouragement to men by drawing them into fellowship in new or existing groups. He promotes CMF membership and events. He assists groups, as requested, to help them minister to men.

The Ambassador is a committed Catholic Christian, a member of CMF and has a true heart for men’s ministry.


Our Core Team

The CMF Ambassador Core Team is comprised of ordinary Catholic men who possess a servant's heart and desire to willingly reach out and help other men start and build - CMF Affiliate men's fellowship groups.

Ambassadors are men who sincerely believe in the purpose, mission and Seven Principles of CMF and men who wholeheartedly promote these core tenets.

Ambassadors are men who love the Lord, the Catholic faith, seek a meaningful prayer life, and seek to grow in God's Word and Grace.

The program is open to men who are "members" of CMF.

  • If you are interested in learning more about the program, contact us today.


Profile of an Ambassador

An Ambassador is a man growing in faith by disciplined study of God’s word, a life of prayer and by dependence upon the Holy Spirit in all that he does. He is in the process of becoming a man of integrity and is breaking down the walls that have separated and undermined unity in the body of Christ. An Ambassador must recognize the need for supportive relationships and must be willing to commit himself to other men for counsel, accountability and encouragement. The life of an Ambassador is a living demonstration of the seven principles espoused in our CMF commitment.



Goals of an Ambassador

1. To attain positive publicity for Catholic Men’s Fellowship of California at the diocesan and parish levels. To help achieve a broader awareness and recognition of this ministry.

2. To introduce CMF to pastors, assistant pastors, deacons and lay leadership. As opportunities present themselves, to find men willing to start CMF groups in their parishes. To assist in, or initiate, the presentation of the CMF ministry to parishes.

3. To help establish new men’s groups in California: whether in parishes, on college campuses or wherever men gather.

4. To help strengthen and build-up existing CMF groups, particularly those groups that may be struggling.

5. To promote prayer in the groups. To present to groups ideas and practices that are successfully being used by other groups.

6. To help encourage and train leadership in men’s groups.

7. To promote CMF events such as conferences, leadership days and retreats. 8. To promote membership in Catholic Men’s Fellowship.

8. To act as a line of communication from the CMF board of directors to the CMF men’s groups and, conversely, from the men’s groups to the CMF board of directors.


Role of an Ambassador

The Ambassador is a volunteer position within Catholic Men's Fellowship of California responsible for making primary contact and developing working relationships with men’s groups and with the ministry leaders of these groups. He serves as a vital source of information and assistance for men’s groups and clergy. He introduces and explains resources available from CMF and the National Fellowship of Catholic Men. As such, the Ambassador is intimately familiar with the purpose, mission and goals of CMF as put forth in the Catholic Men's Fellowship Resource Guide.


The Responsibilities of an Ambassador

He introduces Catholic Men's Fellowship to parishes in his community.

The Ambassador shares the heart and mission of CMF with parishes in his community. He encourages parishes to develop and support the CMF men’s ministry.


He encourages the formation of new CMF groups.

The Ambassador helps men form new groups. While parish based groups are preferred, groups may meet at work, on campus, at a home or at other locations.
He encourages the formation of new CMF groups.

He develops relationships with men’s ministry leaders and/or clergy.

The Ambassador pursues relationships with men’s ministry leaders and/or clergy through regular contacts. The Ambassador is the first line of support for the leaders (and/or pastor, assistant pastor, or deacon), encouraging them in the development and support of this vital men’s ministry. He assists men’s groups in maintaining the purpose, mission and vision of CMF. He may give talks to groups.

He assists struggling groups.

The Ambassador reaches out and assists those groups who may, for whatever reason,
be struggling. He helps identify any problems and works with the group leaders to offer
suggestions and recommendations for improvement.

He promotes unity within the body of Christ.

The Ambassador is committed to promoting the values of the Seven Principles to individuals and parishes. The Ambassador is committed to building bridges of unity in circumstances where age or ethnicity has divided believers. The Ambassador works with a network of parishes to build CMF group-to-group relationships (the cluster concept) and to promote unity within the body of Christ (2 Corinthians 5:20).

He pursues partnerships with other Ambassadors.

The Ambassador works with the Director of Ambassador Services and networks with
other Ambassadors to reach out to the men and the parishes.

He serves pre/post CMF events.

Catholic Men's Fellowship requests that Ambassadors both attend and serve, if necessary, at ministry events.


There are three primary responsibilities:

  • To inform leaders of men’s groups (and/or clergy) of upcoming events and how these might serve the men in their groups or in the parish.
  • To help with the organization and conduct of the events, if requested.
  • To assist with the follow-up strategy for the men who attend as they commit their lives more fully to Christ.

Additional Responsibilities

The Ambassador may work with other church groups (such as Cursillo or Knights of Columbus), emphasizing meaningful interaction with the groups. The Ambassador periodically reports on his progress and status to the Director of Ambassador Services and to the CMF board of directors, if requested.

The Ambassador may contribute articles or briefs to CMF newsletters. He makes recommendations concerning CMF events, its website and its resource materials. He acts to keep CMF board members informed as to developments in his ministry to men.


Training & Resources

The Director of Ambassador Services, through the Catholic Men's Fellowship board of Directors, is responsible for Ambassador training. This may include one-on-one assistance, group meetings and other training. Ambassadors are requested to attend all CMF Leadership Days and the summer retreat.

Resources currently available to Ambassadors, and which they should be familiar, include:

  • The CMF web site:
  • The CMF Resource Guide, latest edition
  • The CD “An Introduction to Catholic Men’s Fellowship”
  • The CD “The Ambassador Program”
  • The CD series on starting men’s groups

The Ambassador has his own CMF calling cards supplied to him by the ministry.


Ambassador Do's and Don'ts

An Ambassador...

  • Keeps focused on the CMF purpose, mission and 7 principles
  • Listens well
  • Is enthusiastic
  • Is a team player
  • Avoids unnecessary controversy; discourages complaining and grumbling
  • Leads by example
  • Keeps confidentialities
  • Meets the needs of others by relying on the strength of the Lord, and not his own strength
  • Prays for those he is working with and helps build prayer into CMF groups.

An Ambassador Avoids...

  • Getting side-tracked; he stays focused
  • Promoting other causes or ministries
  • Gossiping
  • Becoming involved in group/church politics or divisiveness
  • Apologetics
  • Being too opinionated
  • Committing CMF to something without receiving proper approvals.


Scripture References to Ambassadors

An Ambassador has answered the call of God to work in the fields of the
Lord where "the harvest is abundant but the laborers are few",
- Matthew 9:37

He is called to wake up men to the Truth: “Awake, O sleeper, and arise from
the dead, and Christ will give you light”,
- Ephesians 5:14

And he ”perseveres in running the race that lies before him while keeping
his eyes fixed on Jesus, the leader and perfecter of our faith”,
- Hebrews 12:1

And he always remembers what Jesus said: “The greatest among you must
be a servant”,
- Matthew 23:11.



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