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"I really appreciate the work of CMF. Having just spent a weekend retreat with the men I'm impressed with the dedication of both the men and their leaders. This apostolate is very much needed in the Catholic Church today

- Ralph Martin (Ann Arbor, MI. | Renewal Ministries

As Christian-Catholic laymen, we are called to inexhaustibly persevere and constantly encourage one another to keep Jesus Our Lord and Savior at the center of our lives. Catholic Men's Fellowship provides men a safe place where they can discuss their faith and spiritually mature in Christ. CMF is about helping men transform their lives and hearts for Christ as together we go forth in support of our Church and Clergy to fulfill its’ mission.

- Frederick A. Picciano – President of CMF | Carlsbad, CA.

Catholic Men's Fellowship is a spiritual battery charger. I missed going to the retreat but I knew that I had to see the guys even if it was just to break bread with them. Even with the brief encounter I was encouraged and gave encouragement. I wish the best to all men who find worth in what we are all trying to accomplish and that is solely to Know Him and to make Him Known.

- Steve Ruda | Northridge, CA.

Men, you are reading this now because Jesus is tugging on your heart and you want more of our Lord in your life. Whatever you are doing now, wherever you are in your walk with God, it is not enough and you are searching for more of God. CMF exists to gather men who love Jesus and need other men to pray with, fellowship with and encourage each other. We welcome you brother and look forward to hearing your testimony and sharing His love.

- James Stone | Atascadero, CA)

I see and feel myself in the hands of the Lord when I attend a CMF gathering. The CMF retreat was inspiring, moving and spiritually enlightening for me and for all the other men that I spoke to. There is no stronger relationship between the men and the Lord Jesus in the laity than the fellowship of Catholic men (brothers) in Christ, moving with passion and a higher understanding of our faith and our true purpose through Jesus Christ.

- Hal Janke (Carlsbad, CA.)

We can’t live the Christian life on our own. We need brothers in Christ to help us on our journey. Since I have been involved in CMF I have been able to surround myself with friends who are striving to follow Jesus Christ. I know without a doubt that I am not alone in my quest to live a holy life. CMF has done so much for me personally to keep my eyes fixed on Jesus.

- Tom Murphy (Lake Forrest, CA.

Being a member of C.M.F., means to be able to share my faith with a group of men with the same objectives. It also provides me with the means to share my concerns about my faith and to be supported by my brothers in Christ regarding those concerns. Being a member of C.M.F. also affords me the opportunity to learn about developing a closer relationship with "The Father" and also the opportunity to pray with and for men who are like-minded.

- Art Habershaw | Los Angeles, CA.

When I was an undergraduate, I was very plugged into the Catholic community, probably for several reasons. But I loved going to mass, because the sermons, the focus, were on things that effected young students recently away from home. I know it is hard to speak to a diverse group, but on Sundays, there are children, seniors, teens, women, etc. We, at CMF, target the responsibilities that we, as husbands, fathers, some grandfathers, heads of family, etc., face. I enjoy the camaraderie, have made some good friends, and almost always get a very good idea or two from our sessions. We all need to re-charge our batteries, and the CMF is a great vehicle for that.

- Shack Fisher (St. John’s Encinitas)

I joined CMF about 2 years ago. I was drawn to the "Seven Promises" flyer that is the framework for CMF. I was very guilty of keeping my faith on cruise control and not challenging myself to grow and to share my faith with others.

I have really grown in my faith journey during the past couple of years. I credit God for softening my heart and I credit CMF for giving us the forum to stimulate our thoughts, giving us the opportunity to share ourselves with others and to challenge us to "go deeper" in faith and to reach out to others along the way. All of these bring us closer to God and reinforce our Catholic values.

- Phil Spangenberg | St. Elizabeth Seton, Carlsbad, Ca

You probably know my testimonial, as shared at St. John’s chapter, but here are some heartfelt thoughts about the impact of CMF in my life over the last two years:

• My catholic heritage and life practice of faith, is more important/alive than ever- mainly due to CMF involvement/participation
• Learning a new language of spirituality and reverence for God’s great gifts affects me daily
• My personal responsibility and role in sharing my faith and important teachings with others is enhanced/active
• As a husband/father/brother, son and friend- I have rediscovered that desire to become the ‘best version of myself’
• I am more humble and dependent upon the sacraments and teachings of Christ to sustain me
• My awareness of the limits of the human condition and God’s great sacrifice so that we may live eternally is heightened-

- Jim Torti | St. John’s, Encinitas, Ca

My experiences in CMF have clearly demonstrated to me that there are many decent, God-fearing men in our Church who, through the power of prayer, have provided the most life-changing experiences of my life. I have learned about the power of prayer and that God is anxiously waiting to be invited into the circumstances of our lives. In
Proverbs the message is clear, "when the people have no vision, they die". CMF has provided me with the total belief that through prayer and fellowship with like-minded men, God can and will become the living God that He promised us all to be. The word teaches us in the book of James that "you have not because you ask not". In the Gospels Jesus said "ask it of me believing and it will be added unto you". My biggest thrill and blessing from belonging to CMF has been witnessing God responding to the prayers of my brothers. He truly does "reside in the praises of His people". My hope and eternal prayer for CMF is that we will always be men of prayer and doers of the word. In James 5:16 is the real biblical justification for what we are about. "Confess your trespasses to one another and pray for one another so that you may be healed". In closing, one of my favorite passages is "I am the light of the world. He that believes in Me shall not walk in darkness but will have the light of life".

- Mike Haddock | Huntington Beach, Ca

In 2002, before we began forming our men's fellowship group at Corpus Christi, a newly formed parish in Aliso Viejo, CA, I had picked up the recently published CMF Resource Guide at a CMF workshop. This was the guide that we used to organize ourselves and validate what we were being led to start. Also, 14 of the 40 Corpus Christi men who had attended our first Parish Men's Retreat, attended a CMF leadership meeting at St. Kilian in January 2003. The CMF Resource Guide and that CMF leadership meeting were instrumental in providing what was needed to get us started as local parish group.

- Lou Grzesiek | Corpus Christi a Catholic-Christian Faith Community | Aliso Viejo, CA.

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