Bishop J. Sartoris

Dear Brothers:
As I draw near to celebrating fifiy years of priestly service and approach retirement fiom the ministry of San Pedro Regional Bishop, I look buck and realize the signifimnt role Catholic men have played in my life. They have been fi-lends, mentors who inspired me by their example and have helped me to be a better man, priest and bishop.

I also recognize that in recent years, laymen have come to play a large role in the life of the church. As a result, l sense and know many men feel a deeper attraction to Gospel values and a fi-iendship with Jesus and also with men like themselves. Men are looking for a deeper, masculine spirituality for their lives as men, as family members and workers in the market place.

Many roads could be taken to achieve this end, one thing is needed: men need brothers,other men to support them in their quest to be God's men.

That is why I suggest to you becoming part of the Catholic Men’s Fellowship (CMF). While, CMF sponsors a convention each year. it is in the monthly parish reunion where they bond with other men, where there is an opportunity to grow in friendship with Christ and where they receive support to live a stronger life as a Catholic men. Alone, it is easy to get discouraged. Together, we have strength to be everything God calls us to be.

In the name of my brother priests, in the name of our single men, in the mum: of our young men and boys who look to your for example, may I ask you to consider opening your life to the possibility of joining or starting a chapter of the Catholic Men's Fellowship in your parish? We can't stand off and curse the darkness and point fingers at someone else. Each of us in some small way needs to do something to change the direction of our world, our nation, our church and our lives.

Pray over this and see if God is asking you to be a pan of that transforming group of good, ordinary men, Who. like the apostles, have the potential to make a difference in the world.

Joseph M Sartoris
San Pedro Regional Bishop

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