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Many men who wish to join a men’s faith group may not find one nearby. If not, talk to your Pastor or Associate Pastor about starting a group in your parish. CMF Ambassadors can assist you in every step of the way. Just gather three or more like-minded men and we can help with the rest.

Most men who have attended a men's faith group quickly discover the benefits they offer: friendships, fun, growing in faith and learning from one another how to be a better husband, father, son, employee, Christian man, and Catholic parishioner. Men grow by this experience to form stronger and happier families and to cope better with the stresses of life.

It is confusing to be a man today, particularly a Christian man. There is a natural tension between the stereotypical male - the one many of us were taught to be, the male of the media - and the male that God calls men to be. Men are expected to play many roles, bouncing from one role to the other as the wind blows. The man of today is expected to be protective and hard working on the one hand, and gentle and supportive on the other. What is a man to do? With Christ we can do all things! (Philippians 4:13).

Just imagine what God can do with a group of men who will follow the Lord Jesus and take the risk of laying down their lives for one another in healthy Christian relationships.

For information on starting a group, no obligation at all, simply click this link CMF Ambassadors. Our Ambassadors are committed to ensuring the success of the new group. We make a commitment to serve and assist in any way to new groups just starting up".

You'll be surprised at what God will do through a small group of men.

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